Need To Know

What does HeartMade Skincare products consist of?
-All products are formulated with natural and healthy ingredients safe for skin use
Are products imported?
-No. All products are made with love of hands in the United States
What is the shelf-life of products?
-Most of HeartMade Skincare products shelf life is up to 1 year
What is the average turnaround time?
-The average turnaround time 5-7 days, depending on orders size and when order was placed
Is there a problem with your order?
-Send us an email and we will try our best to resolve the problem within 24 hours of order receipt
Best ways to use HeartMade Skincare:

-Because of the nature of skin care products, be sure to store in a cool environment; warmer climates may need refrigeration.
 -Organza bags or tea bags are HIGHLY recommended for use with bath soaks and bath salts to minimize clean-up efforts
-Use caution when using body exfoliants, tub surfaces will become slippery!
-Body exfoliants can be used 3-4 times a week or daily if you choose. If irritation occurs, reduce use.
-It is not necessary to vigorously rub body scrubs into skin.
-Reseal all products after use to reduce excess moisture.
-Keep body butter in cool area to reduce breakdown of products.
-Some products may redistribute during shipping; Place in a cool area if appears melted!
-Some products will require a light shake to reconstitute.

**HeartMade Skincare LLC is not responsible for any skin irritation or allergic reactions**